Burina.NET e-Services

Professional services in the field of information technologies
  • Do you have problems or unfulfilled desires regarding the use of Internet services?
  • Have you sufficiently and adequately implemented the information technologies in your business?
  • Do you have any doubts related to investments in this area, or the results of your current investments?
  • Do you want to find out whether it is possible to do business and communicate even faster, more cost-effective, more efficient, safer and easier?

If these questions arouse your interest, and you are not sure you have an adequate answer, please consider our offer of professional services in information technology. A loyal and reliable business partner of confidence - that is in short what we would like you to recognize in us.

Burina Systems d.o.o. is a company based on fifteen years of professional experience of its founder in the field of Internet technology and information systems. Based on this experience, the desire to complete the market of highly professional services at very affordable prices, as well as to create a „connective tissue“ and bridge the existing technological gap between suppliers and users of Internet services, we have created a variety of offers of which we give you the summary below:

IT Advocacy

  • Get yourself the most convenient Internet or technical service from providers, negotiating with IT professionals on their level of technical knowledge. Invest just as much as you need, no more, no less. Let us protect your interests when you invest in information technologies.
  • Leave the technical details and procedures to us, every project will be implemented at a highest professional level.

IT Consulting

  • Get to know the possibilities of your existing information system in detail
  • Make the most of your existing network and equipment
  • Do you pay too much for the implementation, maintenance or administration of your information system?
  • You are not sure in which direction to develop further?
  • Would you still like to hear another professional opinion?


  • Even the best tool is worthless if not used properly.
  • Get ready in time for the innovations in the area of electronic banking, business and communication!
  • Information technology in the service of a man, not vice versa!

Network and Application Engineering

  • Development and implementation of network and information systems
  • Preparation of project assignments based on the requirements and customer needs
  • Implementation of network and application projects of all types, scope and complexity
  • Optimization of existing resources and preparation for future upgrades
  • Improvement of safety and operational aspects with minimum investment
  • Scalable solutions with high profitability and short return of investment time

System Administration

  • Network and information systems maintenance
  • Maintenance of Internet and Intranet servers and services
  • System monitoring and timely detection of potential lack of resources
  • Regular updates of the implemented software packages

Advanced Solutions

  • You were unable to find an appropriate solution for your needs? Do you have specific requirements not covered by standard service offers? Burina Systems finds a way to effectively and affordably solve the problems for which others claimed to be unsolvable or unprofitable.
  • A quality solution does not have to be expensive. All our projects are based on a careful assessment of the relationship of quality, price, deadlines, profitability and the real needs of the customer.