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About Us Nowadays, although the IT service market is already flooded with offers of all quality and price levels, Burina.NET still holds some strong points worth considering before you finally decide to whom you will entrust the hosting of your online content:

Many years of experience in the field of Internet technology.

Advanced expertise always at your disposal.

The possibility of successful realization even of the most demanding projects.

Technical support in both English and Serbian language.

Our Hosting service is based on cutting edge servers platform and a redundant fiber-optic Internet links.

All hosting plans are backed up by powerful UPSes in air-conditioned data centre, with full daily data backup kept for 15 days.

Affordable and competitive prices for top-level service quality.

Burina.NET is not an anonymous hosting provider, unlike many others present on today's market that are almost impossible to reach when you need them.

How indeed does all this function in practice?

Domains National (ccTLD) and International (gTLD) domain registration

Why register a domain through us?

  • Affordable domain prices,
  • Instant domain registration via Burina.NET portal with online credit card or PayPal payment,
  • Administration of the domain regardless of hosting providers and working hours,
  • Free Burina.NET DNS Editor for DNS records management,
  • Free DNS Parking service,
  • Parking page where you can specify contact information and links to your popular social networks accounts.

Free DNS Parking service allows you to:

  • Create a free parking page where you can specify contact information and links to your popular social networks accounts,
  • Manage your domain name through the web control panel,
  • Forward one, more or all of the email addresses on your domain to the existing external addresses,
  • Configure a web redirection to another external domain.

Find the perfect plan for your business

Protect your users from identity theft with SSL certificates

Sectigo Essential
$ 16.00 annually
  • 1 domain
  • 1 subdomain
Sectigo Essential Wildcard
$ 100.00 annually
  • 1 domain
  • Unlimited subdomains

Services Professional SysOps, Infrastructure Design, Administration And Consulting

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  • Email office@burina.net
  • Phone +381.11.772.0028
  • Mobile +381.69.298.0998
  • Work Hours
    Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00 CET

Sales Department

  • Email sales@burina.net
  • Phone +381.11.772.0028
  • Mobile +381.69.298.0998
  • Work Hours
    Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00 CET

Web Hosting Support Support for Web Hosting services

  • Email hosting-support@burina.net
  • Phone +381.11.772.0028
  • Mobile +381.69.298.0998
  • International
    USA: +1.773.666.7990
    Croatia: +385.51.770.235

Premium Support Technical Support for VPS/DS services

  • Email support@burina.net
  • Phone +381.11.772.0028
  • Mobile +381.69.298.0998
  • International
    USA: +1.773.666.7990
    Croatia: +385.51.770.235

Vladimira Rolovića 38, 22320 Indjija, Republic of Serbia

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Vladimira Rolovića 38
22320 Indjija, Republic of Serbia

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Phone: +381.11.772.0028
Email: office@burina.net
Sales: sales@burina.net

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